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Welcome to the WantonVerse Wiki! Within these pages you will find information about all of Team Aftermath's projects. Feel free to take a look around, contribute, and comment.

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This wiki has many spoilers related to the games presented here. You should consider every page to contain spoilers.

Featured Projects:

The Allure of Wanton Cove:

  • The Allure of Wanton Cove is a lovecraftian horror game that takes place in the fictional town of Wanton Cove and follows a washed up ex-detective as he searches for both his former partner's missing son, and for clues about the case that he was never able to solve. This game is currently in active development.

Futa Apocalypse:

  • The apocalypse is upon us and its nothing like we had feared. Instead of flesh eating zombies preying upon the remnants of mankind, something far worse has happened. A new sexually transmitted disease spreads like wildfire across the planet and the only known cure is uninfected male cum. Those infected become Futa, beautiful, with perfect breasts and large cocks, and an insatiable appetite for sex. This game is incomplete and no longer in development. There are however plans to reboot the setting as a new game in the future.


  • You unexpectedly inherit a large estate from an estranged uncle. Upon arriving at his new home, he discovers that a mansion and money are not the only things he has inherited. This game is currently in active development.

The Puppet Master:

  • A short but complete game that follows a girl just out of college who is hired to care for an old magician. As time goes on, she begins to notice missing bits of time, and unusual dreams, all the while she is pulled deeper and deeper into a situation she does not begin to understand. This game is complete.

Associated Games:

The Therapist:

  • Take the role of a female therapist. Will you be able to help your patients, or will they pull you into their world of depravity?
  • Rfpnj has been working with GateKeeper on all of his projects since the early days of The Puppet Master, both as a tester and an assistant coder.


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